Lemon World
with Peach Kandor and Jess Lou
Oakland, Jan 2023

Lot of Installation  
organized by Maddie Putnam 
Oakland, March 2023

Just Like Honey
with Sophia Dahlin and Regina Napolitano
organized by Jamie Townsend and Ivy Johnson
Oakland, June 2023

Light Jacket Reading Series
with Felix Dina, stevie redwood, and Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta
San Francisco, July 2023

Spit in the Ocean (recorded)
Lower Grand Radio
curated and DJed by Sophie Appel
August 2023

I Love Information Book Launch & Reading
with Courtney Bush, Violet Spurlock, and Alli Warren
et al books, Sept 2023

Diary Book Launch & Reading
with Marisa Crawford, Erica Lewis, Amy Berkowitz, and Geraldine Kim
San Francisco, Oct 2023

Sacramento Anarchist Book Fair
with stevie redwood 
Cafe Colonial, Nov 2023

International Solidarity with Palestine reading (recorded)
Small Press Traffic co-presenting with Tripwire Journal
curated by David Buuck and Noah Ross
Nov 2023

curated by Jacob Kahn and Sophia Dahlin
with Zêdan Xelef and Brandon Brown
April 2024

World’s Largest Cherry Pie Book Launch
with Sophie Appel, Jasmine Zhang, Cher Strauberry, and Angie Sijun Lou
May 2024